Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a lovely day

I spent a lovely day with my two nieces today. I was staying with them for a few hours while their mum was a work. They were playing Donkey Kong and I watched, reminded me of when my two were younger. Then we had some lunch and watched a movie.
I thing it was called  "The spy who lived next door". It was a Jacky Chang one and was very funny.
It was nice to spend some time with the girls, they grow up so fast and it may be one of the few times left that I will have this one on one time with them before they grow up and do their own thing.
I will cherish this day for a long time'.
see ya


Deb said...

I had one of my nieces for a couple of hours on Tuesday and she begged her mother to come back again tomorrow for a while, we had a lot of fun

Sharon said...

It is fun to spend some time with the younger generation! It's best while you can still talk to them, once they hit a certain age, they don't want to come anymore. Glad you had such a good time! I hope you can have many more, before they get too old!

E said...

Sound like you had a wonderful time. I will be even more fun when you have grandkids. As you can spoil them and send them home. Maybe some of them . in my case. hehehe.

Cathy said...

E is right about being able to send grandchildren home lol
Sounds like you had a good day - yes they grow up very quickly, I know it depends on the family but soon it will not be the done thing to watch a movie with an adult - nice aunty or not:)
Take care