Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What now!

Yesterday got home form work to find my garden near my avery was absolutly destroyed. The sleepers were moved and the few plants that have survived were pulled out and it was all dug up.
Not happy jan!
I asked what the ???? happend here.
Very nicely I assure you.
To be told that a big redbelly black snake was spotted trying to get into the avery, we think.
All the distruction was them trying to find said snake, but it slithered away and we dont know where it when.
So dogs had to be locked up for the night in the pool area to make sure they didnt find it, meanwhile every little noise in the night is now waking me up.
Still dont know who the fire bug is.
If I survive these next few weeks I can survive anything.
Hope your lives are more quiet than mine at the moment.
Thanks for all your thoughts I feel very blessed to have friends in blog land.
see ya

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Unknown said...

i imagine the fires would have the snakes looking for refuge too....hadnt thought about that xx