Sunday, February 08, 2009

Finally Relief

Finally the heat has gone and right now its raining. Not very heavy but still a very nice sound.
Fires are raging all around our state and up north the floods are worsening.
The weather is extreame. We all have to find ways to cope with the way the world its now.
My poor garden has been through the ringer and our crops will be small this year.
Our winter garden will have to be larger this year and mayber even every year now.
My thoughts go out to all those that are dealing with the fires and floods and with those that have lost loved ones.
God bless.


Unknown said...

oh sweetheart I have been thinking about you all weekend !! another of my blogging friends, NOLLYPOSH, posted a late post last night regrding the Victorian bushfires- she is there too. I am sending love and prayers for calmer weather
Lisa xx

Michelle said...

I was thinking of you guys have 'copped it' haven't you.


Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Glad to hear all is well in your house
It was quite a day wasn't it. Now we are hearing about the lucky misses and the sad tales
Take care

Leanne said...

I have been wondering how you were.
Sounds awful over there & so sad with the fire & floods let alone the heat.

Love Leanne