Sunday, February 01, 2009

The official Start of the new year

The official start of the new year is tomorrow. Baby girl starts her final year at hight school.
Depending on what happens next year she is also starting what could be her final year of dance.
This year will be a year of lasts, and already I can feel the tears starting to well.
By the end of the year both my children will be well and truely adults and I dont know if I'm ready for that.
But ready or not its going to happen so I may as well be happy.
For all those about to start school for the first time, enjoy. and all those at the other end, like me, I hope you find something that you love to do that will fill in the time your children used to.
see ya


Unknown said...

ep- i understand about the year of lasts my angel- children fill your life like nothing else can, but then you have to find somehting too- for me it was teaching and supporting other women but I still miss being 'mummy'

Teena said...

Hey Angela, can you email me with your email address so i can send you an invitation to veiw my blog.

I have had to go private for numerous reasons and will explain on my blog soon.

Thanks hun