Sunday, February 15, 2009

update on the home front

Since last nights fire incident we have now had two others. One on saturday morning at about 5.00am. My next door neighbour was going fishing and noticed the fire in the paddock only a few meters past his driveway. This was only metres from the fire hubby and wonderson put out. Then only an hour ago another fire was lit in the same paddock. This time is took all the neighbours and two fire trucks to put it out.
We have a firebug in the area and I am now worried. Do not see me sleeping much tonight.
Please send your protective prayers around us.
We need them.


Unknown said...

for sure sweetheart xx

Arts and Herbs said...
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Arts and Herbs said...

This sounds frightening. You're in my prayers dear.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading about the fires down there in Australia. I really hate to hear that it sounds like you have a fire bug right there in your area!! I pray that you, your family and neighbors will not be affected by these fires.