Friday, August 22, 2008

thank god its friday

Well its been an exhausting week. My stay at home and catch up will all the work day is wednesday. But this week Wednesday was go to maffra for a funeral day. Maffra is about 2 hours drive form here and because we had to go to two services, one at 11.00am and one at 2.00pm we were gone all day.
It was a beautiful service and even the grandkids got up and said a few words.
Mean while, baby girl had the day off from school, report card day I think so she got all the washing done for me. Isnt she good. But still its not the same as if I was home. Lots of little things get done when I'm home that no-one else seams to notice.
Today will get spent doing the run around for the rest of the family and hopefully tomorrow I will get a sleep in. I live in eternal hope. Have a great day everyone.
see ya

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