Saturday, August 16, 2008

Quiet Saturday Mornings

Its very quiet this morning. Dear old hubby has done all the animals this morning so even they are quiet. Yesterday I got up a 5.30 to get ready to spend the day at the hospital with my friend. We had to be in East Bentleigh by 8.00 so had to leave early because of peak hour traffic. Her step mum and I whent with her and she was very grateful. We got there half an hour early and lucky we did. Her blood tests could not be found and so her chemo could not be made up until they were found. After ringing around we finally got them and the whole proceedure started late. By this time it was about 9.30 and it took longer than the 5 hours it was supposed to. By this time my friend was absolutly terrified and so we had to calm her down. She hates needles.
So after all that we finally left about 4.30 in the afternoon and we were all very drained.
When I got home I only had the energy to eat dinner and after a glass of wine and a sleeping tablet I was in bed by 8.00. I often have very vivid dreams and I did not want any last night.
So that being over we only have 5 more visits the endure and hopefully after that she will be given a clean bill of health.
At least she now knows that its not too painful so next time she may not be too terrified.

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