Saturday, August 23, 2008

Frosty Saturday

Got up early to split wood as we were running low. With all the rain I havent been able to get out side. So split lots of wood, dear old hubby sprayed the fruit trees for leaf curl and wonderson feed them.
Our geese have laid eggs and she sits on them all night long. In the morning when we let them out one of the chickens takes over for her and sits on them during the day. I hope after all the effort that they will hatch. It would be nice to have lots of little goslings running around.
Out in the vegie garden we harvested lots of brocolli and the beetroot are ready also. Our cabbages, which were planted late as the first lot were eaten by our chooks, are forming nice heads.
So all in all a very productive day.

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Anonymous said...

Our goose has laid some eggs, very proud of them too! - But as no gander - no babies - unless she has visited one in the evening a few paddocks away.

I think Brent will eat them.

Love Leanne