Friday, July 04, 2008

teenage daughters

What is it with teenage girls. We had to be in town but 9.00am for a doctors appointment for her this morning. she knew this and I told her not to stay up half the night so that she would be able to get up in the morning.
So I got her up at 8.15 and she was a grumpy shit from then on.
I tried to make conversation in to town and in the doctors surgery but all I got were one word, or grunts, for anwers.
Because of the cost of fuel after we finished I told her that we would have to do a few things before we when home. I was not going to take her home and come back.
She knew this but was grumpy and the whole morning. It was like having a toddler again. After about an hour and a half of this I finally snapped and yelled at her, at which point I became the worst mother of all time according to her and she told me to stop abusing her as she hadnt done anything wrong.
So now apparently I need to see a shrink because I'm loosing it.
God save me from teenage daughters

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