Thursday, July 10, 2008

The sun is shining

The weather is still cold and rainly and I have had a migrain threatening since Tuesday afternoon. Last night I took two tablets and whent to bed and this morning I feel groggy but I think the headach has gone. Heres hoping.
Not much happening here at the nest but the sun is shining and that is good.
I have been reading other blogs and all have been talking about the cost of fuel and food. Especiall the ones from the states, one lady mentions how at the supermarket a woman ahead of her had a trolly half full and some food tokens and was having a discussion about those tokens and in the end she had to put some things away and only left with two items instead of the 8 to 10 she had planned to purchase.
This is very sad and the worst is whatever happens in america soon rather than latter happens here.
I am really glade my vegie gardens are established now at least we can suppliment our diets from the produce I grow there. Last year we only bought fresh fruit as the trees are only 3 years old and dont produce much. But with every year their crops increase and soon I hope I wont even have to buy any fruit either.
But for now, At least the sun is shining.

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