Tuesday, July 08, 2008

pumpkin soup

We had a busy weekend doing odd, little jobs that get forgotten and then become very important all of a sudden.
We moved the electric fence and fixed a hole in the permanet one so the sheep are now contained in the what we like to call the O.K. corral.
Yesterday it was very cold and wet and windy so I made some pumpkin soup.
I didnt follow a receipe and just followed my instincts, you know this might be good in it and it was.
So I have been told to write the receipe down so I dont forget it,
so here it is

Cut up your pumpkin, I had home grown butternut and used one and a half pumkins.
Put some olive oil and rosemarie in a oven dish and add pumpkin and garlic and roast for about 45 minutes or until tender
place pumking into a large pot and add stock.
I didnt have any stock but I did have a packet of spring vegitable soup mix so I added that and some vegita.
bring to boil and mash all the pumpkin up.
Then I added one can of coconut milk and let that simmer for about 15 minutes till the flavours mixed well.
I also sliced some home made bread and put it in the left over oil and put it in the oven till it crispt up.
I then cut up for crutons.
It was very yummy

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