Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Family dinners

Yesterday baby girl had a make up class for dancing and I rang my sister in law to let her know that I would be visiting her for the two hours.
She lives only a few minutes away. She suggested that we stay for dinner so I got to her house a little after 4.o'clock and baby girl got there a little after 6. o'clock and wonder son and dear old hubby got there soon after that. We had a very nice dinner and had a good catch up. Their kids are younger than ours but they all get on really well and its good for them to spend time together and bond.
With busy lives we were unable to visit for all the birthdays so gifts were exchanged last night and it felt a bit like a party.
I look at the younger generation and wonder how there lives will progress, will they keep in touch. I know I have lost touch will my cousins because they all live so far away from me. I do wonder what is going on in their lives but having not had contact for so long its hard to make that first phone call.
All well yada yada such is life, we will talk again one day when life slows down I'm sure.

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