Tuesday, June 10, 2008

There goes the budget

We had a great afternoon yesterday. We took the baby girl to the pictures to see the new narnia film, prince caspian. When we got there the session was sold out so we bought tickets to the next one. This ment we had to kill two hours. So we had something to eat and drink at the food court, bought lollies form kmart for in the movies, and when to the dvd store that sell really cheap dvd's. I bought two dvd's for $10.00 each, one for $15.00 and Part 1 and Part 2 of session 3 of little house on the prairie for $59.95.
Coupled with the $50.00 to see the movie and the budget was blown away.
But still The movie was great, we all had a laugh, and I love little house on the prairie so that will keep my happy for many weeks to come.
Now we have to save for Harry Potter in November and Twilight in December.
The count down has begune.

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