Sunday, June 15, 2008

a day in the life of me

Some other blogers are writing about a day in their life and so I decided to do the same.
So here goes,
woke up late today, about 7.30 and stayed in bed watching tv with hubby and talking about all sorts of things.
Got up to start the day and discovered elder son had come home during the night with girlfriend and were asleep on the sofa bed in the lounge.
retreated back to bed as not to wake them.
Stomach grumbled at about 8.30 and so hubby made tea and toast for us to have in bed. Isnt he a sweetie.
Son and lovely girl got up at 9.15 and rushed to get ready as she had to be a school for rehersals at 10.00
We then got up and dressed and whent outside to worm goats, feed animals and start on todays chores.
Got phone call from mother in law wanting her eldest son to come over and ready some chooks for the cooking pot.
10.30 at mother in laws to help with chook situation.
10.45 head back home to start the day again.
Started day buy cleaning fireplace and relighting the fire and relocating one chook that escaped the pot to live here with the bantams.
checked emails and now posting.
So far its been a busy day.

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