Friday, June 13, 2008

take back your power

living the simple life isnt the romantic thing some people would have you think. Its hard work growing food and for someone like me who doesnt like gardening its a chore at times.
But I do like harvesting the fruits of my labours.
I do like saving money and having more to spend on other things we need and want.
I do like the feeling of pride I get when I see the garden looking healthy and abundant.
And I do like the feeling of contentment I get when I serve dinner and everything on the plate has come from my hard work and determination to provide healthy, well balanced meals for my family without it costing the earth.
So to all you who hate gardening dont see it as gardening see it as being rebels against the mainstream, against harming the earth to get what you want, and see it as taking your power back from the conglomerates that have taken food production and turned it into factories producing stuff to feed us, not for our good, but, for their pockets.

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