Sunday, December 18, 2011

Talking solar

Just thought Id answer some of the questions from the previous post. There really isnt any maintenance needed for the solar panels except for getting up there and giving them a wash every now and again.
As for paying for itself, I dont understand the question really. Everytime you get a bill for the power do get anything back for it? If I buy a new car, or a television do I expect the appliance to pay for itself. so why is it that people always ask this question when you buy a green option?
I have saved my money and purchased the solar panels because yes my power bills will be lower but thats not the primary reason.
I have purchased the solar panels because I feel its an investment in my childrens future and in the future of the planet.
It took me a long time to save the money as I was buying green power anyway, and for some reason that is more expensive than the coal fired stuff we produce.
So yes my power bills will be lower and Im sure if I do the sums I will recoup some of the money in a few years time but it was never my primary reason. after all I have spent thousands over the years with the energy companies and I never really expected anything back but my power so why should that change.
Only now I get some of my power from the sun and if I dont use all I get I sell it to the power company so they can then sell it to someone else, who for whatever reason cannot get  the panels but like me would like to do their bit for the planet and buy green energy.


Sharon said...

Good Morning, Angela!
One question... where do you buy green power?
I wish we could have gone to an alternate source - most around is made from coal or nuclear power plants.
I think it's wonderful that you have the solar panels and are enjoying clean energy!

becky3086 said...

I think you just side stepped the question which is your right but I will ask a few more. What did the system cost? Does it use a battery bank? How long will the batteries last before you have to replace them (I have heard 8 years and am curious what you have been told)? We were asking how long it would be before you recoup what you spent because to me 5 years might be acceptable(maybe even 10) but 20 or 30 would not be acceptable to me.(Um,,I would likely be dead by then). Even though it may look like free power, it isn't- but that doesn't mean I wouldn't want it, I just need to know everything first :)

Unknown said...

We looked into getting solar panels but found that it wasn't worth it. We would never recoup the cost of instalation, let alone adding the cost of replacing the batteries in the future. have you priced those yet? Alas we just pay our power bills and try to keep the costs down as much as possible. Maa