Monday, December 19, 2011

talking solar 2

more questions were asked.
There are no batterys as it is not a stand alone. we are connected to the grid. so all the power I produce that isnt used by us get fed into the national grid. and if I need more power than I am producing I draw it from the grid.
The system cost us $15,000.00 after government rebates. We saved the money and have no borrowing costs.
Once again, free energy isnt the main reason we did this, we did this because we care about the enviroment.
If your only motivation is money then you need to do the math. how long it takes for you to get the money back depends on your energy useage and how much you get charged for it. Also how much the energy company will pay you for the energy you put int the grid.
Our provider pays us 66cents a kilowatt for the energy we put into the grid, we pay 21 cents a kilowatt for the energy we use.
So we try and not use alot of power while the sun is shining and once the sun goes down we turn on the washing machine and dishwasher. that way we will be 40cents per kilowatt better off.
The solar panels have a life of around 20 years, so I think then you have to replace them.
I hope this has answered your questions.


Sharon said...

WOW! When we looked into it, the cost would have been more. This has been a very educational post!

Lois Evensen said...

Thanks for the additional info.

becky3086 said...

Thanks. That really is what I was interested to know. The cost really wasn't as much as I thought either although I could never afford it. Our savings almost never get out of the hundreds and when they do something breaks :(

Grammy said...

Our electric comes from bagnel dam. The place I go to for the eagle photos every January. And the water that flows threw is comes from the lake my kids enjoy all summer. So I am happy that it is not a hazardous place. The damage it dose to fish that git caught in it. Also feeds the really large fish on the other side waiting for dinner.
So I guess it is environmentally friendly. But I am so happy for u to be able to use solar. Because I feel it has the least impact on our planet. I have thought of wind or solar. And looked at other ways. Thanks for sharing your experience with the world of blogging.

greekwitch said...

And all that around the Summer Solstice! That is fantastic and absolutely magickal! I hope that it will pay you back big time and earn you a lot of money!
Have a beautiful and enchanted Summer Solstice. How wonderful! You will get to talk to fae and absorb lots and lots of energy(no pun intended!).
Be blessed!