Saturday, December 17, 2011

first power bill

We got our first power bill since the complete solare power and new meter box has gone in. Our average bill here was $300.00 a month, including the shed were we run our business from.
This month the total bill was $30.00. Very excited, Im hopeing to keep it as low as this and maybe even lower.
Will keep you updated, although once the heat gets here, it may go up again as I will run the aircon. Theres being frugal and then there is being silly and in pain.
Hope your all having a great weekend.
see ya


Sharon said...

WOW! That is quite a savings! Please keep us informed with the changes in the seasons!

I am really impressed!

Lois Evensen said...

Fantastic! How long will it take you to recoup the cost of the new system?

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Now that is awesome!

I'll be asking for next months bill to.

Love Leanne

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is good savings so far. I am with you when it comes to the a/c, we don't skimp on that here in this house either,


becky3086 said...

I too would like to know how long it would take to recoup the cost of the system. Of course, I think you would need to keep track every month until you actually did recoup the costs to know that since electric bills change. I guess I am wanting to know if it is really worth the cost and maintenance.

Grammy said...

That is great. I so hope it pays for its self in no time.