Friday, July 15, 2011

what a week!

The week started slow, Monday was an average day, where I just ran errends and caught up on the washing.
Tuesday I woke up feeling tired and very grumpy. So Leanne suggested I just come over to her house and we watch some funny videos.
sounded good and all was well unti l got home around 2ish. I arrived to fine the phone line and internet not working. It has only just come back on this afternoon.
I was a little miffed but excited as it was only one more sleep till I got to see the new Harry Potter.
Baby girl got home and as she was going to the midnight screening we decided to watch part one.
At about 6ish I started to feel very sick. I then started throwing up and soon after it started at both ends.
By 9.30 that night I was a very sick girl, and hubby rushed me to the hospital. I was put on a drip because I was so dehydrated.
Coming back home at around 3 in the morning I fell fast asleep. I had tablets to take that would make my stop being sick. It still took another full day before I could eat real food.
Its now Friday and I only left the house for the first time today.
I missed out on seeing harry and was very upset. So Bec, Leannes stepmum, has purchased more tickets for Monday so we can all go see it together. She is sooo sweet. Even her kids are coming again, so they can see it with me.
I choose to believe its me, and not the fact that they loved the movie so much they want to see it again. lol
So after spending the afternoon on the phone to tech help, I am finally back on line. I will spend the weekend catching up with all your blogs.
Have a great weekend everyone
see ya


Sharon said...

So very sorry you got sick like that... that is always so miserable! Well, everything works out in the end, to bad you had to wait.

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Not a nice way to spend the week - did wonder where you'd got to
Hope it all clears up over the weekend

Hibiscus Moon said...

thanks for your advice for dealing with blogger, Angela. Sending you healing energy with my crystal grid. ((HUGS))

granny said...

Well you sure did have an icky week ! Good to see you are feeling better now though :0)
Enjoy the movie on Monday..I havent seen any Harry Potter movies,lol.

Gill - That British Woman said...

you know that bug is doing the rounds all over the world.

Glad you are feeling better.


nollyposh said...

Poor baby-What a rough ride! Am so glad that you have survived it all & have lovely friends that care so much *Kisses*

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear that you've been so ill. It takes a couple of days to realise you have a bug and you wonder why you're so grumpy those days before it gets hold of you. Glad to hear your better now. Take care. Maa

Susan said...

That came on you very fast - not good at all. You'll obviously be feeling very weak at the moment, so have a nice laid back weekend.

Enjoy your movie on Monday :D)

Grammy said...

How did you get dehydrated ? I am so glad to here you are ok now. I watched the Harry Potter movie on line last night. Sending you some healing energy. And a big hug:)