Tuesday, July 05, 2011


An earthquake has hit in Korumburra measuring 4.4. I have to admit I didnt feel it because the weather here is so bad the windows are shaking anyway. The roof sounds like it going to take off, and I worry about my solar panels.
Earthquakes in Korumburra are nothing new, and we have had quite a few in the last 24 months. When I worked at Crystal world one of the geologists showed me a map of Victoria showing all the fault lines. We acually have lots. It looked like a spidersweb. All the hills in the Korumburra region were formed buy volcanic activity.
Kinda scary really as its only a 40 minute drive south from here.
So hang on if you feel the earth move for you, and batten down the hatches as this wind is not looking like its going to stop anytime soon.
Its cold, wet and misrable here, and thats how I feel.
Time for a cuppa I think and more wood on the fire and after I finish the vacuming a dvd.
I will finish the vacuming. I promise!
see ya


Cathy said...

Hello Angela
To begin with I thought it was the wind as well, it was blowing a gale here at the time - the windows were rattling but when the desk started shaking and the house shook as well I began to wonder if it was something else.
Silly thing is it didn't enter my mind to go outside, good job it wasn't really bad and the house had fallen in as I'd have been a goner.
ps no rain over here but it is rather cold.

Sharon said...

That would make me nervous! We just have "shivers" here, (so far) no quakes. I think we live quite a way from a major fault line.

Sorry about your foul weather, it will be my turn in about 6 months...

Unknown said...

Angela, I haven't felt the earth move since.....ooh that would be telling! Haha!
We're getting some of the foul weather here but the winds are much stronger down your way. Take care and keep warm. Maa

Susan said...

Hi Angela, yes, saw it on the news last night. Didn't realise there had been so much activity in that area until I read your post.
The wind has died down over here in E.Gippsland but it was pretty bad for a while.
Doing inside stuff is just the ticket until the sun comes out again!
Enjoy the rest of your week :D)