Friday, July 22, 2011

Still learning

I have been trying to learn how to read knitting patterns. I have never been shown how to do this. As a child I was taught to knit and purl, and that was about it.
My mother never knitted from a pattern, she just knitted. Which was great for her, not so good for me trying to learn.
I first saw the baby surprise jacket on and I thought what a wonderful little thing it was. When you knit it, it doesnt look like anything really and then you sew just two seams up and presto! Its a baby jacket.
I got on the net and ordered Elizabeth Zimmermanns book and that was it. It has sat on the shelf for about 18 months .
so the other day I was determined to master the art of the surprise jacket. I got the wool out of my stash and the circular needles from the heaps that I got from freecycle and grabed the book and started.
I cast on the number of stitches she told me too and stopped. it had all these abbreviations I didnt understand, so I youtubed them. There are many videos explaining what all the stitches are complete with a demonstration. Then I youtubed the surprise jacket and found a series of vides to watch as a very kind lady acually knitts the jacket, so you can knit along.
so I am in the process of knitting videos two, there are two more vidoes. As Im a see and do person, rather than a read and do, its working out perfectly.
I will post more pics as I progress.
I love the internet, its just like having a wise women living in your home.
see ya


Sharon said...

Yep, some people have to see it done and some have to read how.... I a read and see person myself, one is not enough. :-) Sorry that baby jacket pattern sat so long, but glad you are getting the hang of it! It won't be long and you will be making mittens and on to cable patterns and fair isle and the whole works!


Unknown said...

I love knitting and over the years I must have worked my fingers a little too much. My ostea started in my pinky and progressed from there. I had to give it up for a long time. This year I have started to knit again, now that the pain has left my hands and gone to other parts of my body! Have fun with your knitting. Maa

Grammy said...

I can not do more than basic on knitting too. I was more into crochet.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I can't for the life of me knit, had various people try and teach me and they all gave up!!

Some things you are meant to do in life, others you are not......and it seems I am not meant to knit!!


P.S. without sounding as though I am bragging the jam does taste really good!!