Sunday, July 03, 2011


This is to warn everyone about the dangers of dishwashing. I only had a few coffee cups, so rather than put them into the dishwasher I decided to do them by hand and put them away.
Well I held one by the handle and put my other hand into the cup with the dishcloth to wash the inside, and the handle broke off the cup. It dug into the base of my thumb.
It really really hurt, and it would not stop bleeding. wonderson came over and took me to the pharmacy were my friend nancy is the pharmacist. I had no bandages at all in the house. She very kindly patched me up and I purchased more bits and bobs to be able to change the dressing.
I did this on Friday afternoon and the bleeding did not stop till saturday afternoon.
So all craft work has come to a halt as everytime I move my hand it starts to weep again.
Very frustrating.
So there you go, I should of just put them into the dishwasher and continued to hand stitch the binding. Now I dont know when I will finish.
bugger it!!


Susan said...

Gosh Angela, that looks a very deep cut indeed - no wonder it kept bleeding. Hope it heals up real soon :D)

Tracey said...

That turned my stomach! Poor you. Are you sure you shouldn't have gone & got it glued together? Take care!! xxxx

Cathy said...

Oooh looks nasty - keep it clean and maybe go and see the doctor
Hope it heals soon

Sharon said...

That's bad, who would have thought washing dishes could be so hazardous? It does look like it will take a while to close up. Ouch!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I have just popped in to visit your blog, found you through Susan at 'This and That'.
To help you with your commenting problem....Make sure when you sign in that you untick the 'keep me signed in box'. You will have no more problems. Hope this helps.
That cut looks nasty, hope it heals soon so you can get back to your crafting. Maa.

Deb said...

I always knew dishwashing was bad for you :0) Hope you hand heals soon so you can get back to crafting.

Cadi said...

Dishwashing is a serious health hazard! It should be avoided at all cost. :-)

Vickie said...

a BIG OUCH!!! Hope it's healing up well by now!