Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting organised

we have decided to get grid connected solar power put on at th house. So this means this tree had to go.
 We had cut it down years ago but it had suckers grow back and it was not the safest thing to have near the house. In storms you could hear it creaking and it was a worry.
 Here it is coming down slowly but surely. Already it has opened up the view to the house.
And now its gone! you can see even in this overcast day how much more light reaches the roof. Hopefully we can get the solar organised soon. We will have to borrow for it, but in the long run it will be the better option.
see ya


Grammy said...

This is wonderful is it heat or electric you are installing. I have heat that has never been installed as yet. Hubby has a problem with technology. he do understand. But is will not save much because of the overcast sky's . but it was free. My neighbor at our old house paid like $10,000. for it and it maybe saved him 10 %. But he was tire of it costing more to have his roof replaced. I was going to try it on a ground side install.
Any way I am so happy for you. : )

Tracey said...

Thank God it didn't fall on the house! It's amazing how lighter it's made everything look now...xxx

Sharon said...

Looks good! We looked into solar power, but would have to have so many panels, it would cost too much - we aren't getting any younger and we would never see a return on the expense, so we scrapped the idea. Good luck with yours!

Wendy said...

We are borrowing for ours and also think it is worth it. Enjoy your soon to be eco-friendly energy :o)

granny said...

Solar power is on our list too...but our old house needs a new roof and gutters first :0)
Hoping to get that done this year.
$$$$ !!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

we looked into solar and even though the price of electricity is high, it still wasn't cost effective for us to do here which is a shame.

What a difference not having that tree there, plenty of firewood though for the winter months.

Gill in Canada

Konnie said...

I did have a tree come down on my house once and had to take two beautiful old red wood trees down. It was sad but had to be done. Yours looked huge. I appreciate your comments on my blog lately and just posted one in response to the birthday of my Elton. Check it out. You gave me an idea. I love ya. All around the world:)