Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Let me tell you about my day

The day started fairly normal, got up early and off I tootled to gym.
Did my work out, then headed home. After breakfast and attending to the chickens I had my shower.
Shower still cold as the new hot water system will be 10days coming. Dont ask me why I dont know.
So after the body got over the shock of that got ready to go to quilting class.
Class was good bought more material to finish off the two jelly rolls I have been working on.
Left class and rang dear hubby as I remembered he wanted me to take him in Hallam to pick up a Van.
He said he wasnt ready yet so I whent straight home and had lunch, go out the vacum and started to do the floors.
Get a phone call ready now. I had to walk over as he had the car, and I needed to follow him first into cranbourne to deliver another car, then pick him up and take him to Hallam.
Did all that and was told go straight home and wait as he needed me to deliver another car. So I do, lucky I had a book with me and sat in the car waiting.
When he gets there, about 15 minutes after me, he is a chatter box. He totally forgets I am there and then after about 10 minutes tells me plans have changed I can go home.
So home I go and start to vacum again, and I get half way through I get a call can I come and help deliver another car.
So off I get, go to the shed to wait and guess what.
He is not ready, and then tells me we may not be going as he is not sure the car is ready.
But can I just wait a few minutes to make sure. SURE I CAN I DONT HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO, DO I.
So after about 10 minutes yes the car gets delivered and I pick up our machanic and bring him back.
go back home to finish vacuming and guess what
Its time to start dinner. So pack up vacumcleaner and try again another day.
see ya


The Herbalist's Cottage said...


Hope he brought yea coffee. Smile.

Sharon said...

You have that nailed!

Tracey said...

& you didn't even get slightly mad???? I would have erupted! xxxxxxx

Gill - That British Woman said...

oh so true!!!!