Sunday, March 20, 2011

A typical Sunday

Out side there is the sound of the animals all content as they have been fed,watered and let out to play in the sun.
Also the sound of the wipper snipper is going to be followed by that of the ride on mower.
Inside the dishwasher is going and so is the washing machine.
just a few of the sounds of a typical Sunday here at our home.
What about yours.
see ya


Sharon said...

Don't you just love the sound of modern conveniences?

Today I cleaned my womb, and laid an area rug, bugger to get it under things!I am going to hurt tomorrow, LOL!

Gill - That British Woman said...

the heating is on, so hear the fans going for that. Birdies are talking to one another outside and the squirrels are chattering......

Gill in Canada

Konnie said...

Have been working outside most the day. The sounds I heard was my chickens clucking and a few birds chirping. Unfortunately, I also heard my neighbor using his pressure washer...........for hours. But still a wonderful Sunday.