Monday, January 18, 2010

Making jam!

We harvested the second lot of plums and we had lots, so I decided to make some jam. Even though the plums were a purple colour they turned a glorious red as they simmered in the pot.

And these plums are whats still left. Our nectarines are next. I may try a plum and nectarine jam.
It should be interesting. Will let you know the verdict when I make it and it gets tast tested.
see ya


Unknown said...

Po Box 213 Waratah NSW 2298..........will put the toast in now !

AJ-OAKS said...

You are one talented gal! I'm with Lisa, putting the toast in now!! Your jam looks yummy!

granny said...

Great looking jam!I havent had plum jam for sooo long.*hint*

angela said...

Well your all invited to come down and have some jam on my homemade scones.
We could have devonshire tea.
Just give me enough notice to put the kettle on.

Jim F Loos said...

I enjoy home made jam, It's been a few years since we made some. We have dew berries to come up naturally in the pastures every spring, but with the drought last year we had none.

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