Saturday, January 09, 2010

just plodding along

Another hot gusty day, so got all my outside jobs done early. Three loads of washing is now blowing in the wind but will stay out there till it cools down tonight. I hope!
So I have started two new quilts. A stack and slash in purples and maroons, and a cow quilt.
The cows are 6 different stitcheries and are very cute. The border material is a cow print. So I have started to do the stichery today and that will be pretty much what will keep me occupied for the rest of the day.
Too hot to do anything else.
Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.
see ya


Tania said...

No facebook today?

With 42C here today I will be doing nothing as well. Mind you I should do something constructive like you are.

Happy plodding,


Grammy said...

I cant wait to see the cows. I bet that will be wonderful. You get so much done. How do you find the time?

It is like an artic blast here now. The truck will not start and roads are not safe any way. So I am so thankful we have heat in the house.