Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bran nue dae!

Yesterday I saw a great movie, called bran nue dae. Yep thats how its spelt!
What a brilliant little Aussie flick.
It made you laugh, and sing a long.
Ernie Dingo was fantastic in it.
Even Jessica Mauboy was good. I didnt think she would be.
Now like Molly says, do yourself a favour, and go see it.
I know you will love it.
Magda Szubanski is absolutly hilarious in her small roll.
I now want to find the movie soundtrack.
The songs are very catchy, even if some are a bit rude.
see ya


Cathy said...

Hello Angela
I'm glad you gave it a good review - one of my girls went to see and didn't like it all. Its on our cinema list to see in the next week or so
Take care

Grammy said...

Sounds great!