Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Current Projects

This is the cows I am working on. If you click on the images they will get bigger. They are the cutest cows ever.
Here is the stack and slash I'm making. With the extra bits I am going to make a pillow case. The pillow case is first. Dam Blogger!

And I have started on the slippers I make and give to everyone at Easter. Easter is in the Autumn here so I started to give everyone socks with there easter eggs. When I learnt to make the slippers I changed to giving them these instead. This year will be the first that everyone will get a pair. Normally I only make them for the kids.

So even though Its been extremely hot here, I have been a busy little beaver inside with the air con on.
see ya


Anonymous said...

do you have a pattern for these slippers? I used to make some like these years ago but forgot how??? thanks

angela said...

Sorry I dont. I just made them up as I went along. I cant read patterns so I just used one I have to try and work it out. I will try and make up a pattern for you. Stay tuned.

Hannele said...

The little cows are just adorable =)