Thursday, April 09, 2009

when will I learn.

Today I have said yes to opening up curves as a big problem at our sister club is keeping our manager there. So it off to curves to open at 7.00, work till 8.30, and then come home to get ready for a full day at crystal world.
I'm too old for all this. All I had to say was no, I couldn't work today, but No, I said I could help out.
I will suffer for this, still trying to fight off a virus, so I will pumb up in Olive Leaf Extract and vitamine B to help.
This weekend is also busy, baby girls acual birthday is on saturday and we are having a family BBQ on sunday for her.
I really need a wife!
have a good easter holiday everyone, even if you dont celebrate easter.
Drive carefully on the roads.
see ya

1 comment:

Unknown said...

saying no is harder than it sounds....but we all need to master it sweet one............
now, i am an idiot becasue i have lost your address........
please drop me a line with it..........sorry to be a pain in the least you didnt say NO to a beamer !!! smart witch !!!

and do you have fairy crystals at your crystal land place- if so, how much for a kilo ?