Sunday, April 19, 2009

Greek Easter

Today is Greek Easter Sunday, and I am home all alone. The family has all gone to my parents place for the traditional lamb on the spit.
I am home all alone because I have spent the whole night vomiting ( sorry).
I feel bloody terrible. But like the marter that I am I have told them all to go and have a good time.
My head is pounding, my tummy feels like someone has been kicking it all night, and the body aches all over.
The worst is I am so hungry.
Both baby girl and dear old hubby have had this over the last week, and for them it was over in 24 hours, so only another 10 or so to go.
So I am laying on the couch, feeling very sore and sorry for myself.
Please send my some loving thoughts. I could use them.

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Teena said...

Eww... you poor sausage! I am thinking of you.