Friday, April 17, 2009

Feeling Low

Not in a happy place today. All my hats do not seem to fit as well as they should. I am getting alot of "stuff" done but like a machine. Not really engaged. I am not looking forward to goint into work this afternoon, I am currently in the office of our own business, and not wanting to be.
And do not want to go home and do all that needs doing there.
What is going on with me.
I really just need to escape from all the expectations of everyone, and for once in a long time do exactly as I want.
But I cant.
I even have an intimo bra party to go to tonight and I just want to blow that off too.
But I cant.
Cant disapoint anyone, or hurt anyones feelings.
Oh well I'll get over it.


Cathy said...

Hello Angela
How are you going this evening - did the day end up as tiring as you thought.
Its hard to do just for yourself when you have a family to tend for but I remember those feelings quite clearly.
Even now I get disgruntled at times (well just a little bit) when family ask a lot from me. Being outside on a nice sunny day seems to help clear the head lol
Take care

Arts and Herbs said...

Oh those 'low' days... I guess everyone has them sometimes. Trie to escape a few moments in your head, think of moments of joy and hapiness, that will give you the energy to go on. And you know, these days always pass eventually !

angela said...

Thanks guys,
I do feel better today. Have a massive headache so that could be why I felt like I did. That tells me to hit the vitamin B.
Always works.