Tuesday, June 01, 2010

weddings and sewing

this is a photo of my sister in law and her two girls
The next one is of my children, cute arnt they.

the happy couple are next and then we have the stake and slash quilt I made all by myself.
the bag I made using scraps and the pattern was one I made up as I went along. blogger is doing something funny so I cant see the pictures as I type this so I hope it all works.
see ya


Mieke said...

beautiful wedding and wonderful quilt. You can make me a bag like that anytime. Did you use some kind of pattern for it, I'd love to make a bag but I don't seem to know how to start.

Grammy said...

Your kids are beautiful. I have yet to see a picture of u. I know I may have missed it. I am sorry I have not kept up. But I am so glad you enjoyed the wedding. You are very talented with sewing, I bet they will treasure the quilt. As it is a give from the heart. It takes allot of thought to create and talent to make it so wonderful. I always wanted to do one by hand. I have only don the 2 for the grand kids. but the were not like yours. I bought the already quilted. material and designed. it with boarders.

Leanne said...

ooh the bag &^ quilt look wonderful - must be the new sewing room that helped aye.

So what you working on now?

Love Leanne

IGal said...

Very lovely wedding!
And the quilt is just amazing!! ;)