Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Mixed day

Today is My nieced birthday, she is 19 years. Happy Birthday Natasia.
Today is also my brother in laws wedding and soon we will be going to that!
Hubby is the best man, and in this I totally agree.Lol
But today is the day the although I am very angre, I somehow feel very blessed.
Ill explain.
My son, who up until a few months ago, was a very good boy. He did not drink too much, never drove if he drank and we saw lots of him as he would either stay home or just visit friends.
Not very big with the party mode of other kids.
But in the last few months he has gotton a little big for his boots.
I had seen him driving faster and get cockier behind the wheel of his car.
His birthday will be in a months time and he was due to come off his P's
I was a lttle worried as then he would be able to have a few drinks and still legally drive, a harder line to walk as you can never be sure you are under the limit.
Well last night the police caught him speeding. He was doing 70klms over the limit. His car has been impounded, has been fined and lost his lisence on the spot. The nice police then drove him home.
I will now like to thank those police as if that was the way he was driving then he should be off the road. I am so gratefull that they bought him home. I spent all night last night thinking of the alternatives.
Not nice bedtime thoughts I can tell you.
So now we have a walker in the family again.
I cannot speak to him about it yet as I am very cross, and I do not want to get all upset before the wedding.
But tomorrow, watch out.
Where did I go so horribly wrong.
I really feel that I have failed him somehow. I just dont know how to deal with this, as like I said he was a good kid who did not give me the normal teenage problems.
Oh my the twentys look like they are going to be fun.
see ya


Leanne said...

Glad he & others are all right.

He made a mistake and is now paying for it. I would like to think when it comes to my time to parent in this way I will be calm - ha doubt it!

Unconditional love is going to go a long way (((hugs to you all))

Debbie said...

It is not your fault and you did nothing wrong.
i have 2 boys that a bit older than yours and survived their P's but not without both of them having accidents and smashing their cars, one into an off duty police officer on a motorbike. He will learn his lesson, my boys did. I am not saying they don't speed or never do anything wrong because I am not that silly because all kids do.
I know this is no concellation for you and you will be very angry but then so will your son and he will also be very sad because of what he put you through, plus the fact that he has lost his car.
Hope all goes well for you.

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Another Mother here telling the same story - several years apart, 2 boys, 2 cars, too heavy feet, too much speed, luckily no alcohol involved although there could have been 'cose they were both of drinking age, 2 lost licences. One took it like a man and botted lifts for the 3 months - the other sold his car and went overseas (you know the big trip most young aussies want to do) Came back a couple of years later a lot more mature.
Lots of harsh words spoken on both sides at the time and I'm not sure if any of it made a difference then but I do know one of them has a daughter coming up to learner age and he is very careful about her doing the right thing.
Take care
ps Hope you have lots of fun at the wedding - don't forget to take a taxi or get a lift home lol

angela said...

thanks guys I knew lots of wise women read this blog.
I do feel better than I did this morniing. Thats what happens when you get no sleep.

Grammy said...

You have not failed. remember. what they do is there choice. As we did not teach them to do wrong. They make mistakes and have to learn from them as we made plenty of our own live and learn decisions. it is that some how our kids do things we would never do. As I did things my parents would have never done. Life is all trial and error. But some of us learn from others and do not make the same mistake. You are an awesome mom. And a wonderful friend. Be blessed. : )

granny said...

I think we have all been there!It seems to be the norm with boys when they get behind the wheel.Fortunately he is ok...yes you will be mad,and he expects it,lol.
My son rolled his first car with 3 mates in it!on a dirt road being stupid..all were un-hurt.And a HUGE lesson learnt.So,see you are not alone,and you didnt do anything wrong by him.
Most learn the lesson the first time,I hope he is one of them :0)
Big *hug* to you this morning :0)

Mieke said...

What is this with boys and cars? It seems they all have to make the same mistakes. But since your son always has been a good boy, I think he will have learned his lesson and think twice next time.