Sunday, May 02, 2010

busy little bees

We have been very busy painting and fixing up an investment home we purchased. We got it very cheap as it needed alot of work.
Bedrooms have been painted and new carpet put in. The walls all had holes in them and some of the doors needed replacing.
We have hired an older gentleman to paint the main part of the house as painting has been hard on hubbys shoulders.
No too good on my tennis elbow either. The guy is a friend of my sisters and he works really cheaply.
So today we will be tackling the garden. It has a pond and a rickity bridge that is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I dont fancy having little children around the pond either, it is rather deep.
So when it is ship shape we will rent it out to a nice family hopefully.
Between this and not feeling very well, getting tired easily, I will be glad when the work is done.
For all those in the southern hemisphere, happy belated Halloween and for those in the north, happy beltaine.
see ya

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Lisa said...

was it you ???
the string of lapis....?