Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Keeping busy

The weather has turned cold and wet so I have stayed inside and accomplished quiet a lot. I have pinned and quilted another quilt and am now half way to finishing the binding.
will post pics when its done.
The washing that seems to breed in the basket was all done yesterday and is now in the craft room on cloths horses drying.
I did hang the towels out but unfortunately they are still out there getting rinsed again.
I have been cooking up a storm and all the family feel well and truely stuffed.
Because of this more time is spent at the gym by wonderson and even baby girl visited one the other day.
She told me its getting harder to run during her netball.
Apparently its my fault.LOL
all in all a good week so far, very productive.
On sunday its my brother in laws wedding, with hubby being the best man. I will get lots of pics on the day to show everyone my handsome family.
have a good one
see ya


Debbie said...

That is the trouble with all this yummy home cooking, we just got to do plenty of exercise or don't eat too much :0)
It is cold and rainy here too and has been for the last week.

granny said...

Hi Angela,Its raining here too,just not cold about 22c.Ive been inside fluffing about,made some soap this morning,I like rainy days :0)
I hope the wedding on Sunday goes off without a hitch,Im looking forward to all the pictures.
Enjoy your quilting!

Out Back said...

Raining on and off here for three days, surprisingly, but I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Luckily I have an under the verandah clothes line so most rainy days aren't a problem. What doesn't dry comes inside in front of the fire.

Hope the wedding goes well, and that you all have a great time.

Nothing like homemade cooking. I spent the day in the kitchen today baking a chocolate cake and cup cakes, pasties and two mornays, one chicken for hubby to take to work and a tuna one for our dinner.