Monday, May 10, 2010

Mad Monday

This morning I woke with a strong desire to cook. So first thing I made hot porrage for the hubby and wonderson for their breakfast. Then I cooked up a vegie soup, using up all the vegies in the fridge. This served as lunch for the boys along with fresh scones!
I made lots of scones and for afternoon tea we will have them with wipped cream and home make plumb jam.Yummo!
I also made some more Anzacs as they were a hit the other week, and for tonight we will have some roast chicken and vegies.
I think the urge is going now.
see ya


Debbie said...

That was a very productive day :0)

granny said...

Lol..I wonder what bought that on !
I bet your family loved it :0)

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Whats for dinner? I'm hungry!
Remember that cry from a while ago - maybe it goes on in your house still as you have some at home with you.
Only two of us here now - so I tell him whatever you want to cook lol Some days he does suprises me and does just that:))
Take care