Sunday, May 16, 2010

In the last few days

Baby girls best friends eldest sister had a beautiful baby boy.
Wondersons best friend turned 21 and we had a ball at the party!
Dear hubbys brother had his batchler pary, still waiting for dear hubby to get home from that one.
And our sheep had a dear little lamb, that is jumping around the paddock as I type this.
A truely blessed week.
see ya
this is my 400th post.


Debbie said...

What a week of new beginnings for you and your family.
Wow! 400 posts.

granny said...

Geez,it's been busy 'round your way ,lol...lots of fun times :0)
Did hubby make it home ok ?? Gotta love those bucks nights!
Congratulations on post number 400!!

Vickie said...

You're one busy gal, you are! I love the animals checking out your load of wood ~ I guess hubby is going to have to split all that? I hope he's got a splitter or a strong back and arms! You're all set - have a great week!

Your quilt is lovely! said...

Sounds like a wonderful week!