Thursday, April 29, 2010

I dont feel too good.

My head hurts
my body aches
and I feel like I'v got lead in my shoes.
I dont feel good at all.
Have spent the last two days on the couch, and I really need to vacum, but I just dont have the energy.
I did do laundry and baked a cake yesterday, but to see me do it was like watching bambi trying to walk
very frustrating.
I think I will go back to the couch and watch another dvd
see ya


Raelene said...

Hey Sweetie,
Missed you heaps on Wednesday.
Put your feet up & stitch, stitch, stitch.
Hope you feel better soon.

PS I made your Greek Egg, Cheese and Spinach Pie, I made individual pies and they were YUM YUM YUM.
3 Cheese this weekend. Can't wait
Feel better soon.

granny said...

oh.. I hope you are feeling better soon!
Drink lots of water and rest,
Nurse Granny,lol xo