Monday, April 19, 2010

Its monday again!

Boy the weeks are rapidly flying past. April is disapearing and May is closing in fast. The weekend was a busy but restful time. Baby girl left on friday and wont be home again till tonight, and wonderson had yet another 21st to go too. I was all ready for a peaceful weekend with the hubby when Sunday morning wonderson returned with two friends who spent the whole of sunday playing playstation against others around the world on the net. So I was not allowed on the computer for the duration.
So I spent the time in my craft room, finishing my BOM, and my small wall hanging.
It turned out rather well I think, so now I just have to find room to hang it.
Hubby did some weeding, the never ending job, and we all settled down to watch some Biggest loser last night.
Weekend over.
How was your weekend? I hope you enjoyed yourselves.
see ya


Mieke said...

I know all about sons and their friends playing on the PS worldwide. LoL I'm always getting very nervous when I have to be in the same room with them (I wonder why)... feel a lot better in my garden :)

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Been busy myself so haven't been by for a while - this past weekend was a beauty, after the cool days earlier in the week it was so deliciously warm and comforting - sitting out and enjoying life weather
Congrats on the little loss the other day - don't forget that every little bit helps lol
Take care

Anonymous said...

Lovely to hear your news! Mine was restful but I miss the countryside!