Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Going within

We had a lovely weekend, eating, drinking and spending time with family and friends.
We also got some work done around place. The chook house was cleaned up and the fruit trees in the front got weeded and had the hay and chook poo put around them.
they are all ready for a winter nap.
Now the back fruit trees need to be weeded and bedded down. They dont require much in the way of food as the geese and chooks do that naturally for us.
Daylight savings has ended and now I really feel myself start to go within myself. The energy is withdrawing and the time of reflection and rest has begun.
I just love winter! if only the weather would now cool off and we can start lighting the fire. Time for hot soups and homemade bread.
Have a great week.
see ya

1 comment:

granny said...

Im a Winter Girl too,and I cant wait to light the stove :0)
Stews and comfort food,the smell of the wood burning,love it !
Have a good week :0)