Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Mathew

Today wonderson turns 21. My that didnt take long at all.
I have a very busy day of baking and prep work for the BBQ lunch we are having for him tomorrow.
It was only going to be a small family thing.
Yesterday I did a head count and the total was 50.
Good job I kept it small.LOL.
Yesterday baby girl and I shifted the furniture and brought in the outside tables so that people could sit and eat.
There wont be a place for everyone, but at least us oldies will be able to find a spot. The yung ones can sit on the couches and eat off there laps.
It should be a good day, but I shall have to go now and ring the MIL as I need more plates.
I hate eating off paper.
Will post pics
see ya

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granny said...

Happy Birthday Mathew !! Wow,21 is a big one :0)
I remember my sons 21st like it was yesterday,he turns 28 this year!
That is when he proposed to his girlfriend in front of family and friends at the restuarant...oh sweet memories :0)
I hope the day goes well,enjoy the yourself.