Friday, June 04, 2010

A very long week

Its been a long emotional week and I am very tired. Hubby cooked tea last night and did the dishes and then put me to bed. I slept for 13 hours! A record for me. So today I will take it easy, Cathy from Cathys capers, had a great Idea. Just to sit by the fire and knitt.
So I will do just that.
I will stay in my pj's and dressing gown and knitt myself a new blue scarf. I have some balls of that fluffy wool you get at the cheap stores that make the great fluffy scarfs.
they are so soft and so cheap that I want one in every colour they come in.
Greedy arnt I
see ya


granny said...

I hope you enjoyed your PJ day !
We all need those every now and then :0)

Debbie said...

Hope you have a very relaxing day and knitting will sooth your soul and you will feel much better.
We all need days like that occasionally. Enjoy

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
I do hope you are feeling much better now - its true we all need a day 'off' now and again, I know I do
Pop over to my blog (now called Still Waters) theres a surprise for you. Hope you enjoy it:)
Tale care

Granny Annie said...

I am here to wish you well. Cathy put together a lovely message with photographs just to assure you of hope and that brought me here to wish you the same. Enjoy your day in your pajamas. Those are the best days we can have.

Anonymous said...

Cathy from Still Waters sent me over here to wish you well. I'll do more than that! I'll knit along with you. I'm not sure I have some fluffy blue wool, but while I knit, I'll be sending every good wish I can think of on its way to you.

angela said...

Thank you everone, how can I not feel better with all the wonderful warm wishes directed at me.