Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thank goddness thats over!

I am glad yesterday is over. Having to sit by yourself in a hospital ward waiting for your child to come out of theater is not my favorite way to spend an afternoon.
But she came back a little tender and sore but otherwise well. Again testing on the lump proved it was not sinister and everything will now be A.OK.
So while the little darling sleeps off the last of the anesthetic I can get back to my normal routine.
since now I only work one day a week, I have lots of time on my hands again and I intend to use it doing lots of things I enjoy.
The strange dreams are continuing, and the superhero and poo themes are continuing. In last nights episode I had to clean my parent house as there was bird poo all over the place. And for some reason I was hiding in a closet with a couple of 6 year old boys while batman and the joker fought it out.
If this continues another night, I may have to start drinking or something. All this clean living is getting to me.
Have a great day
see ya


Leanne said...

I bet you are all glad that is over with & with great news!

Love leanne

Arts and Herbs said...

maybe the dreams come from the worrying and they will end with the good news now.

ukkiwi said...

Oh dear they sound like weird dreams, glad you got some good news though. I have lots of strange dreams but normally when I am stressed.


Wendy said...

Thinking of you ♥