Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to the 50's

On 60 minutes last night they had a story of how more and more women were opting to quite work and become 50's housewives.
As a mother who made the decision to quite work and stay at home to raise my children this did not seem like such a big deal.
What is the big deal is that, these women were saying that since the husband "worked" all day it was here responsibility to look after him and pamper him as he paid all the bills.
This is where I got upset. I do look after my husband, he works hard and is a good provider for our family and he always has been. But! I work very hard in the home too.
As for him paying all the bills, yes he earns the money but I budget and make a little go a long way.
Its the homemaker that can make or break a budget, and no matter how much or little money you have, even if you spend just $10.00 more than you have coming in you will be in big trouble at the end of the year.
That $10.00 a week you send on credit will add up to over $500.00 a year in debt!
So for all the women, and men, who stay at home think of your budgeting skills as money saved is money earned.
So how much can you earn this week.
See ya


Leanne said...

I am proud to be a kept woman & I do spoil Brent, but he does it back to me in other ways & if I am home late he makes sure I come home to a nice warm fire etc...
I do contribute financially to the home - by budgeting wisely & working out entitlements that our NZ govt gives to families

Unknown said...

couldn't agree more- i have been HOM's concubine for many a year now......and i work hard too dammit!

granny said...

Yes I saw that last night too!I couldnt work out why 60 minutes were even doing the story!I had to laugh how they thought it was so wonderful cooking! and cleaning! and taking care of their own children!Its nothing new...Alot of us have always done this,and keep chooks and grow our own fruit and vegies.And yes it is hard work :0)

Arts and Herbs said...

This is so true. Why should the one that brings the money in be pampered ? People seem to think life is about making money. It's important to be able to pay your bills of course, but isn't life more about having a warm, loving, healthy environment to enjoy. I have always believed the homemaking is more important than the money, but it's hard sometimes when everyone else seems to think you're worth less when you don't bring money in.