Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quiet Sunday Mornings

Last night we had my best friends 40th birthday party. She was the one with the ovarian cancer and at one stage we thought we would not get here. But she is healthy and happy and even has enough hair to go to the hairdressers.
So this morning I am a little slow to start, but have made quite an impact on the things to do list.
Already have cleaned the kitchen, but a load of washing on the line, and taken all the rubbish out. Have you seen the episode of the simpsons were no one take the rubbish out and the family resorts to using a stapler to staple the rubbish to the side of the bin, well that's my family.
I did not take the rubbish out yesterday, so today we had lots.
I have now decided to put the stapler on the kitchen bench just to make life easier for the little darlings as the obviously do not have enough strength to lift such heavy loads as one bag of rubbish. Any who, must shower and wash makeup off face, I'm sure I look like a panda.
Enjoy your Sunday everyone
see ya

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