Thursday, June 11, 2009

Credit Crunch

The credit crisis has hit the gym I work at and it will close its doors on the 19th of this month. So I am out of a job.
On one hand its bad because I will miss the money, who wouldn't?. But on the other, its more time at home, were its warm and cosy.
I still have my one day a week at Crystal world so I still get a little pocket money to spend on myself.
More quilting materials perhaps?
So it will be a sad day when we close the doors forever, so now I have to motivate myself to go walking to try and keep the kilos I have lost away.
If I get chubby again I will not be happy.
So I promise to you all I will keep exercising. I never break my promise to other people, only to myself.
Off to work in crystal world were we have run out of firewood and it will be cold, but hay, you burn more calories in winter trying to keep warm.
So that's another positive.
see ya


Cathy said...

Hello Angela
There's an old expression about doors closing and opening - you never know whats round the corner lol
With a bit of luck you'll have a few weeks enjoying the ocmforts (and warmth) of home and then voila something will come out of an open door:)
Is this the case with many of your local businesses?
Take care

Arts and Herbs said...

We see a lot of business closing in our area too. I guess it's the case around the world. But maybe this is all for the best. We will have to learn to be more frugal, more caring for each other. It might be a challenge that changes the world in a good way !

Unknown said...

oh baby, sorry to hear this- the recession seems to be biting everyone on the r's.........keep walking my sweet- our bodies need the sunlight xx

Leanne said...

It is hurting here in NZ too - our local mall has soo many shops empty.

Enjoy the extra time you will have for YOU!

Love Leanne