Monday, June 22, 2009

Strange dreams

Last night I had a very strange dream, and I am pondering its meaning.
I was at my fathers wedding, and my father was the actor Christopher Reeves. My mother was some random woman who had already remarried and had twins.
My parents are not divorce, and before anyone says it I do not think of my dad as superman.
Back to the dream, I was holding one of the twins, they would of been about 6- 9 months old, and it pooed its nappy and all over me. The dream ended with me half naked waiting for some clean cloths, but waking up just before I got to see them.
Ok now whats with that.
Off the the hospital today.
will be back soon.
see ya


granny said...

Strange is right! Maybe too much coffee before bed..or a little stress about today?

Cathy said...

OK Angela when you discover the meaning of that dream do let us know.
Sounds a real strange one - especially the bit about being half naked lol
Hope all went well for your daughter
Take care