Thursday, June 04, 2009

I'm still here!

Yes I am still here, and I haven't fallen off the perch so to speak. I have just been in a melancholic kind of place. So I have found it hard to blog.
I have been visiting others and find that they too have been blogging less often. And the blogs that have been updated have been in the same place as me.
Is it the weather? Is it the solstice about to come? Lack of sunlight maybe?
who knows!
So I will leave you with these thoughts as I get myself into gear and tidy up before I go to my quilting class.
Even that has become an effort.
And even though I live in Victoria we are still swine flu free, so you can read this blog safely.
see ya


Emma said...

I have been feeling the same. It may be the weather. The past couple of weeks in Sydney have been really wet (and now cold).

Have fun at your quilting class.

Tania said...

Me too, I have been feeling a bit out of sorts this past week. Haven't been able to figure out what it is but everyone you talk too, has been a bit the same.


Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Life gets that way sometimes lol
Good to see you again, I'm sure you will have lots to talk about soon
Take care

nollyposh said...

OPPz! Never say never! Now we are the Swine Flu capital Lol! Ahh well we just need to nurture our immune systems and all will be well methinks X:-)