Saturday, December 12, 2009

A close call

Thursday night I had what was promising to be the mother of all migraines. So I took immediate action and got some drugs into me and was asleep by 8.30. Next morning I stayed in be until the morning shows had finished, about 9.00. I then took it slow all day.
I stayed away from the office and just potted around at home. I cooked 7 meals for myself which I froze for when we are eating stuff for dinner I cant have, like pasta. I also folded laundry and did more laundry and knitted.
I again took some drugs last night and I was asleep by 9.30. This seems to have worked as I am awake now and the threatening headache has not materialise.
So now I am blogging and playing on my new addiction, face book. I love playing the games on facebook. So if you have a few spare minutes, get on facebook and play some of the games. I dare you, you will be hooked.
see ya


Arts and Herbs said...

Poor girl, migraines are terrible, I hope you're feeling better now. My kids recently talked me into this facebook thing, but all I played yet is farmville, nice to play in the garden while it's winter outside :)

Cathy said...

Hello Angela
Migraines were a way of life for me a few years ago - then they upped and left thank goodness - Dr said they were hormonal - they upped and left as well lol
Hope you feel better soon
Take care

Grammy said...

Oh I am so glad your are feeling better. My friend hubby has them and they can be do debilitating.
Take care.